Qi Gao

Qi Gao

Visiting PhD student from Nanjing University

Email: gaoqi@smail.nju.edu.cn

Ph.D. student at School of the Environment, Nanjing University


Qi Gao is a current Ph.D. student at Nanjing University with the research interest in climate change, air pollution and mental health. Her recent work focuses on the impact of air pollution on cognitive function.


  • BS, College of the Environment and Ecology, Xiamen University (2018)


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  • Yoo, E. H.; Eum, Y.; Gao, Q.; Chen, K., Effect of extreme temperatures on daily emergency room visits for mental disorders. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2021.
  • Yang, J.; Qu, S.; Liu, M.; Liu, X.; Gao, Q.; He, W.; Ji, J. S.; Bi, J., Gray cityscape caused by particulate matter pollution hampers human stress recovery. Journal of Cleaner Production 2020.